Friday, November 12, 2010

Imagine yourself and all of your loved ones stranded in the desert. Here, in this barren place, there isn't enough food to sustain all of you. What would you do? Would you divide what food there was evenly between all of you? Would you take everything and leave nothing for the rest? Or would you make sure those who you were closest to got the most, leaving everyone else with such a small amount that they may as well have nothing at all? Honestly, in this situation, what would you do? Sadly, whatever you would decide on doing, you would, eventually, die of starvation.

Now, picture the same situation, but this time, imagine there are people willing to help you all. They would take you away from this wretched place. They would give you food; they would give you water. They would make sure you live. The trip out of this place would be difficult, but, very highly likely, not fatal. Would you rather take this trip away from this place, or would you like to stay there until you starved?

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